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Tactical Vests

Tactical Vests are custom fit to you and then to your ballistic panels. Our job is to make sure your vest cover fits appropriately so there is no shifting of your ballistic panels which will help keep you safe while on the job.  

You select all the pockets for your tactical vest and decide where those pockets will be located. You can have as many or as few pockets as you want depending on the amount of space you have available on your vest.

We are true "CUSTOM" manufacturer, we design the pockets to fit your individual equipment.

By reducing the amount of weight on your belt and transferring it to the Tactical Vest, you will notice a HUGE difference in your comfort level and weight distribution while out in the field. You also have the flexibility of removing these vests while in the office and sitting behind a desk.

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Please call us to make an appointment for your Tactical Vest fitting. All vests are custom made to meet the specific needs of each individual. Therefore, it is important to schedule this fitting in advance to ensure the appropriate staff is available.

Tactical Ballistic Vest cover shown in Sheriff Green.

Tactical Ballistic Vest cover shown in Police Black.

Tactical Ballistic Vest cover shown in Ranger Green.

Tactical Ballistic Vest Cover shown in multi cam color with MOLLE style webbing for pockets. All styles of pockets available. Choose your identification.

Tactical Ballistic Vest Cover with permanently attached pockets. Choose your pockets and identification. All vests are custom made to meet your needs.

All Tactical Vest Covers come standard with removable velcro on the side flaps so that the size of the vest cover can be adjusted.